November 05, 2004

Mesa to Re-sign?

Not only are the Pirates close to re-signing Jose Mesa, the Trib speculates they could pay him at least $2 million. What a colossal waste of money. I don't want Mesa on the team at all - his strikeout rate is dropping and he puts a million guys on base. I'll put the over/under on Mesa's 2005 ERA at five and a half. But even if he put up the same results he did in 2004, $2 million for seventy okay relief innings is a terrible waste.

The Pirates don't even have an organizational need for relievers or "closers"! Mike Gonzalez is a stud closer waiting to happen, and the Pirates are up to their ears in pretty good options for the other bullpen spots.

I'll say this again: mediocrities like Mesa don't bring anything to the... uh... Table that the Pirates can't get from a rookie. Spreading millions around to a bunch of guys like Mesa is unlikely to help the team in the short term, and it keeps young players from developing in the long term.